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Experience bus driving, and see if you've got the right skills

Experience bus driving, and see if you've got the right skills

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VirtualBus is a free PC bus simulation game. The game, created by a group of bus enthusiasts, features a variety of keyboard controls to emulate the functions of a real bus. The controls cover everything from changing gears to opening doors for passengers, steering, and more, and are fairly comprehensive.

A few things to note before players immediately run off to drive around virtual city routes:

First, the graphics in this game are not great. They are not the worst either, but they are fairly basic by today's standards and somewhat blocky in appearance. The camera view changes to show a variety of angles, including the standard first person bus driving view as well as a third person overview and even an option to look inside of the bus. A speedometer with other functions, such as time, is always displayed on the screen for an added sense of realism.

The sound effects in this game are a bit lacking, and pretty much consist of the whirring sound of the bus throughout the entire game. However, the physics are even worse because the game's 3D environments are so basic that players can drive straight through anything, including the buildings.


  • Players control their bus with a lot of detailed and fairly easy to use controls. The actual bus driving is surprisingly easy, especially considering the attention to detail put into it.
  • A supportive fan community has created a number of additional buses and maps that can be imported into the game.
  • Created by bus enthusiasts with bus enthusiasts in mind, so good for people who like buses.


  • The graphics are outdated and could be described as "basic at best".
  • The physics are even worse, with nothing in place to stop players from driving straight through even hills and buildings.

This download is no longer available. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason.

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